World's Easiest Keto Bread

World's Easiest Keto Bread

If you're craving chewy, hot buttered French bread but need it low-carb, look no further. This recipe may be the easiest keto bread recipe on the planet!  All you need is Sonora Keto Bolillo/French Bread mix, one cup of water, and a bread maker!



  1. Pour one bag Sonora Keto Bolillo mix into bread machine.
  2. Add one cup warm water.
  3. Close lid and select "French Bread" on your bread machine menu.  (You should also select "1lb" for bread weight and "Medium" darkness if those are options on your bread maker.)
  4. Press Start
  5. As it kneads the dough, you may need to open the lid and scrape pieces of dough off the walls of the maker.
  6. Let the bread machine "do its thing" and wait for easy, mouthwatering, keto French bread!

This bread makes exceptional Keto French Toast!  See our recipe for a Mexican-style French toast recipe here.

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