Tradition Gets A Remix

Our recipe is easy: one part Sonora, one part water, one part love!

Mexican Food

What is Sonora?

Sonora is our dream to bring to you a healthy version of the flavors of my home — Sonora, Mexico. The goal in every bag is to capture the best of Mexican and American comfort food and deliver it to your table in easy, low-carb recipes.

We’re going to be up-front… Our priority is “Low Carb and Delicious.” This means a lot of rigid Keto dieters may say we’re breaking a lot of rules. But if low-carb and delicious is what you’re looking for, then you’re going to love these mixes!

These simple and delicious “just add water” recipes are perfect for anyone trying to reduce their carb intake, including diabetics! Check out the details of the Sonora story on the About Us link and learn about the love in every bag!

About Us