About Us

The story of Sonora began with my desire to help people who suffer from diabetes and offer healthy options without losing the delicious Latin flavor.

I saw how diabetes affected my family. My grandma passed away from this disease, my mom unfortunately lost a leg and has suffered from heart and kidney problems. Also, dear friends have passed away from this disease. I've seen all the effects this disease brings.

My wish to create Sonora arose because there weren't many options for healthy Latin products. When we went to stores, it was a struggle to find truly healthy products that my mom would enjoy. One day, frustrated, I promised her I would make Latin products that she would love and that's how Sonora began.

We're committed to you and my mom to offer the best ingredients, whether you want to fight diabetes, reduce inflammation in your body, follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet or have gluten intolerance. Whatever your goal, we're here to support you. Our ingredients were selected with the best quality in the industry and are the healthiest.

Our vision is to reach families around the globe needing a healthier option. Our mission is to see people healthier and enjoying more from life.

We know we're all busy and always on the go, so we wanted to make our products as simple and easy to prepare as possible. And guess what we thought of? Just add water! Yes! That's right. Our products already contain egg, butter, sweeteners, etc. JUST add water!

We only have one life and one body. Take care of it! Enjoy a product inspired with love for my mom, in the kitchen and in our Mexican home.

Thank you for purchasing our products and for being a part of our story.



  • Egg And Flour

    Low-Carb Can Taste Great

    Check out our nutrition panels on the back of our bags and you’ll see that these mixes perfect for Keto. Check out the ingredients and you’ll see no crazy mile-long ingredients, just simple natural things like almond flour, eggs, yeast and salt — the kind of things you’d expect to be in a bread.

  • Mexican Food

    Mexican Tradition to Your Table

    Golden bolillos, tasty churros, tortillas born for tacos, and oh, don’t get us started on the tamales! Enjoy the delicious flavor of Mexico without the carbs. Hundred of hours spent perfecting these mixes to make sure they don’t taste like “keto substitutes”. They taste so good, you’re going to wonder how they can be so healthy!

  • Adding Water to flour

    Just Add Water

    No eggs needed. No milk needed. All you need to make our delicious low-carb breads and sweets is water. (A little fat in the tamales and tortillas makes them taste just like Mama’s though!). How simple is that?